"Deaiwo Serum Cream" in the June issue of Poco'ce
was introduced.


"Deaiwo Serum Cream" was featured in the "BEST BEAUTY AWARD 2022" special feature in the June issue of Poco'ce.

Just spray and you'll get the triple effect of instantly and naturally increasing volume, changing color, and keeping your style in place!

Together with Cosmo Beauty Co., Ltd., which we trust, we have been particular about the ingredients, quality, and packaging, and we have a strong desire to create a product that can be used by both men and women and regardless of age. We launched Deaiwo Serum Cream on September 5, 2021. The content of the article is packed with what we wanted to convey, and it is full of surprises and joy. It is thanks to all of our loyal users that we were able to attract attention from among the many products available. We are truly grateful. (Featured on page 14 of Poco'ce June 2022 issue.)