Award Announcement


Announcement of the award of "Omotenashi Selection" chosen by foreigners living in Japan

Deaiwo Biyoueki Cream/Deaiwo Special Cream have been awarded the "Omotenashi Selection 2022" by foreign experts living in Japan after an on-site review.

About Omotenashi Selection: Omotenashi Selection is an award established in 2015 with the aim of discovering products and services that exude excellent Japanese "omotenashi spirit" and spreading it to the world.
It is run by more than 20 private companies, and the certification process involves an on-site inspection by foreign experts residing in Japan.
The awards evaluate the activities of creative craftsmen who create products using techniques born from consideration for the user, while inheriting traditions and continually improving them for the modern era, based on the criteria of "OMOTENASHI" and "GLOBAL."

Products and services that are recognized as being "full of the uniquely Japanese charm that we want to share with the world" are certified as Omotenashi Selection Award Winners.

● Evaluation by foreign selection committee members (original evaluation text)
"These are wonderful beauty products that are typical of Japan, and you can really see the consideration given to the user.
The packaging is simple and neat, which is appealing." (Hong Kong/Female)

"Japanese skincare products are known overseas for their excellent quality and highly effective ingredients. This cream has a wonderful texture and absorbs easily into the skin without feeling sticky.
Also, I think it's appealing that it contains rare ingredients such as marine placenta extract that aren't often used in other creams on the market." (India/Woman)

"I think a cream that makes skin healthy and can be used by the whole family is convenient and innovative. It doesn't take up much space on the bathroom counter, and the texture, scent, and ease of use are all great for both genders and ages, making it very easy to use.
The innovation lies in the fact that it is not aimed at a niche group, but is aimed at products that everyone can use. Since it can be used by the whole family, there is no need for each person to purchase individual products, which I think is also kind to the environment.
It's also convenient that you don't have to buy separate products for each part of your body, such as for the face, eyes, and neck.
I think many people will be interested in the fact that it contains ingredients that are good for anti-inflammatory properties." (American/Male)

"I feel that this cream is very smooth and gentle on the skin, making it very easy to use. It is quickly absorbed into the skin, and after applying it a few times, it becomes smooth.
I think it's a great product and shows the high quality of Japanese beauty and skincare products." (Italy/Male)

"The texture of the product is great and it has a pleasant scent. It spreads easily and is absorbed well into the skin. It's based on great research, it leaves the skin feeling soft and it's a really good cream.
I think it's important to use these products for a long period of time, but I think there are many people who would like to use them on a daily basis." (Romania/Female)

●Deaiwo Co., Ltd.'s thoughts As a brand that aims to create simple cosmetics that are loved by people of all genders, ages, and nationalities, we are truly happy to receive this Omotenashi Selection award. The heartfelt comments from the foreign selection committee members of various nationalities were extremely helpful. We have taken all comments seriously, including evaluation points and areas for improvement, and have reaffirmed the corporate efforts that our brand must make in the future. We will continue to work hard to become an even more beloved cosmetics brand.